Sabine Pieper

Sabine Pieper was born in Germany in 1980 and is a Berlin-based illustrator. Sabine started her career as a photographer and she was always particularly interested in drawing and fine arts. Sabine had her first daughter and carried out almost ten years of work experience in this industry. She then decided to follow her passion and focus on illustration in 2010. Sabine’s signature style became noticeable as her work was influenced by photographic technics and mixing media, creating a soft effect.

Sabine has worked for well-known clients in the fashion industry such as Valentino and vlisco, she also created illustrations for magazines including Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and Flair. Sabine’s work has been featured in international publications by Taschen, Gestalten and Monda. Since 2011, she took part in exhibitions globally including London, Berlin and New York.