Victoria Jenkins: The Techniques

Victoria Jenkins illustrations are undoubtedly so polished that is hard to believe that they could be achieved using simple pencil, fine liners and pantone markers. Victoria uses computer softwares such as Photoshop to simply clean and polish her work however, she does not edit the image too much so this does not compromise her original drawing. Victoria’s models display long legs, luscious hair and small features which are elements which draws me to her designs. Victoria also likes to emphasise her model’s cheek bones which makes her illustrations more authentic and eye-catching.



Victoria tends to use neutral colours such as black, nude and grey throughout her illustrations and only a couple of main colours are incorporated in each illustration. The skin tone created is also relatively pale which makes other colours used stand out effectively. Overall, Victoria’s illustrations are best described as effortless and unique. The combination of high detail, choice of simple media and neutral colours have become Victoria’s signature illustration style.

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