Combination of Promarkers and Photoshop

Victoria Jenkins illustrations are created using pencil and black pen for the outline, promarkers to add colour, white acrylic/gouache to emphasise light and photoshop to clean and polish the drawing. I wanted to get a better understanding of her technique therefore I broke down the process and documented each step I took. I chose the image below as I think the light created in the hair is very effective and long, glossy hair is one of Victoria’s signature features.



Step One:


The first step I carried out was drawing the outline in pencil. This is a technique Victoria Jenkin’s uses therefore I wanted to replicate this. This will make it easier for me to add colour to the illustration as I can then distinguish different areas of the drawing.

Step Two:


The next step I carried out was going over the outline with a thin, black pen. This defined the drawing more and made the lines more visible. I then erased out any pencil lines to create a more clean and polished finish.

Step Three:


The next step I carried out was adding colour with Promarkers. I started off with the skin tone and layered colours on top of each other to create shadow. I then moved onto the hair and ensures I left white spaces where needed to create light.

Step Four:


The next step I carried out was adding white acrylic to the drawing to emphasis light. I added this onto the hair, cheekbones, lips, eyes and hands. This was my first time using this method and I think it is very simple, yet effective.

Step Five:


The final step I carried out was scanning the image in and editing it in Photoshop. I used this software to clean and polish my drawing which is also the final technique Victoria uses in her illustrations.

Overall, I am very pleased with end result, if I could change anything different to the illustration, it would be to add more highlight to the drawing.