Experimenting with Mixed Media




I was drawn to the above illustration by Sabine Pieper as it had some fascinating colours in it. Sabine’s use of colours are one of the main things which attract me to her drawings. The colours she uses are always striking and vibrant which makes her drawings very exciting to look at. I wanted to recreate this using a mixture of media and I started breaking the process down.

Step One:


The first step I carried out was drawing the outline with pencil. Sabine’s drawings are very sketchy which I tried to recreate, making sure the pencil lines were not too neat. I also tried to replicate Sabine’s technique of not outlining everything in my illustration. This is something I have never done before so I was excited to see how I would find adding colour to the drawing with no outline as a guide. I also added the skin tone which in this case- was just using pencil. This is one of my favourite methods as I like to smudge pencil lines to create shadow and light.

Step Two:



The next step I carried out was adding colour using water colours. I found this step pretty difficult as the image I had chosen had no real structure as to where the colours were placed. This also took me longer than expected as the dress had so much detail and so many different colours were used.

Step Three:


After using the watercolors, I felt the colours were not opaque enough therefore I layered some acrylics over the water colours. This made the colours more effective as it created a contrast between some darker colours in the dress with the use of acrylics and lighter colours using watercolours.

Step Four:


The final step I carried out was going over some of the outline with black pen and adding Pro markers. The black outline really finished the drawing in my opinion and made the colours stand out. I ensured the black outline was not overly neat as this technique can be seen in Sabine’s illustrations. I added black pro markers to any black parts in the dress to make it more opaque.

Overall, I am very happy with the outcome of the illustration. It was interesting to see how the different media would work together and in my opinion, I think the illustration is very effective. The choice of layering acrylics over water colours created the effect I desired which was more vibrant colours and the black, sketchy outline completed the drawing perfectly. In the future, I think I would like to experiment with this illustration on Photoshop to create a different effect.