Breakdown of Victoria’s Style

I decided to break down Victoria Jenkin’s illustration style in order to understand her technique. I used the image below:



Step One:


For step one, I drew the outline of the illustration using pencil. This technique is used by Victoria and it ensures all the key features and details can be identified. I chose this illustration because the dress was very detailed and I wanted to challenge myself. The shadow and light created in this drawing was also very effective so I wanted to replicate this using Victoria’s techniques.

Step Two:


The second step I carried out was going over the outline in black pen. In my opinion, I think this method cleans the drawing up and more it more ‘animated’. I ensured I outlined the pleats in the dress as this makes the dress more 3 dimensional.

Step Three:


I then added colour use pro markers. At this stage, I had become more confident using pro markers so I did not find this process difficult. However, when adding colour to the hair, the brown marker seemed to spread over the page more than expected. To add light to the hair, I then used white acrylic paint to highlight where the light would hit the top of the models head.

Step Four:


The final step I carried out was scanning the image into Photoshop and editing it. I cleaned the drawing to give it a more clean and polished finish. I then placed the Moschino logo over the face to replicate Victoria’s drawing. I think this worked very well as the final outcome looks similar to Victoria’s illustration. I think Victoria’s illustration techniques are easy to do and once you break down the process step-by-step, you can achieve a similar illustration.