Experimenting with Highlighting and Shading

I wanted to experiment with highlighting and shading techniques as this is found in Cedric Rivrain’s illustrations. I chose the image below to replicate:




Step One:


The first step I carried out was drawing the outline in pencil. I did this lightly to start off with as I felt like Cedric would do the same. Further down the process, he then would darken some lines to create a more sketchy effect.

Step Two:


The next step I carried out was darkening my pencil lines. This is a similar method to going over pencil lines with black pen like I would use in some other illustrations but in Cedric’s case, he uses pencil to create more definition.

Step Three:


The next step I carried out was adding colour to my drawing. I wanted to achieve as good of a match of the yellow colour to Cedric’s original image therefore, I decided to start off with a yellow highlighter. I used it because it was vibrant and a different media to experiment with as I have never used it before. I used the highlighter as if it was a Promarker and layering colours on top of each other to create shadow.

Step Four:



The final step I carried out was layering soft pastels on top of the highlighter. This created this sketchy effect and also made the colour become more vibrant. I then darkened some pencil lines to more definition to the face and the garment she was wearing.

I am pleased with the final outcome of my drawing. The use of highlighter was a new and fun method which I have never used before. If I was to change this drawing, I would edit it in photoshop to clean the drawing as the soft pastels used spreaded across the page.