The Breakdown of Sabine’s Style

I decided to do a breakdown of Sabine’s illustration style based on the image below:



Step One:


To understand Sabine’s illustration technique. I broke down the process and started off drawing the outline in pencil and going over it in fine black pen. This would allow me to add colour/patterns on Photoshop easier as the black pen makes the line more opaque to use the magic wand tool to select specific areas.

Step Two:


The next step I carried out was adding Promarkers to the hair and skin along with pencil. Sabine used black and white for her skin in her illustration so I think the technique she used would be the combination of both medias. To create light on the body, I erased shading out to create a highlighted effect. The Promarkers used to create the hair was also very effective as the colour was dark but light was also created. I also darkened the black lines as I felt the original black line was slightly messy and I was worried if I scanned this into Photoshop, I may encounter problems when filling in the dress with colour or patterns.

Step Three:


Step three, I defined my own pattern and filled the dress using this pattern with the help of the paint tool. I wanted to recreate the dress illustrated by Sabine and ensure the abstract pattern was in my drawing. I was very pleased with this as I am not very experienced in Photoshop and I felt like it was looking more like Sabine’s work as the process continued.

Step Four:


Sabine’s illustration had a paint stroke threw her model. In order to achieve this I experimented with various tool brushes until it created a similar effect to Sabines. I then painted this across the model.

Step Five:


Lastly, I wanted to add a background colour as this can be found in most of Sabine’s work. I chose a light, peach colour and filled this in the background.

I am delighted with the final outcome as I am not overly experienced in Photoshop and I would find it relatively difficult. I think a mixture of hand-drawn designs with Photoshop replicates Sabine’s work well. If I was to change anything, I would try adding skin tone on Photoshop however, I am very pleased overall.