Final Illustration



I wanted to create my final illustration based on an even combination of all three illustrators I had researched. I picked this illustration as my final piece because I believe it represents all three illustrators techniques as I included elements of each. The silhouette and hair was based on Sabine Pieper. However, I added colour to the hair using Victora’s Jenkin’s technique which is a pencil and black pen as the outline and Pro markers to create light and shadow.

I started off drawing the shape I desired. I wanted to incorporate Sabine’s silhouette and Victoria’s ‘animated’ like models. I elongated the body to create a more dramatic effect on the dress as this would be found in Sabine’s illustrations. Once I was satisfied with the body proportions, I moved onto adding colour to my drawing. I wanted to incorporate Victoria’s use of shadowing and lighting on her models so I used pro markers on the hair and body to represent this. I really enjoy using this media as I think the overall effect in the end is very polished and 3 dimensional.

I wanted to incorporate Cedric Rivrain’s piercing and full of life eyes so I spent longer time on sketching the eyes. I placed one of Cedric’s illustration beside me when doing this so I could try and replicate his eyes.

To add colour to the dress, I scanned the image into Photoshop and filled a pattern in it. I defined my own pattern using Photoshop to recreate the abstract fabrics you would find in Sabine’s illustrations. I also used Photoshop to clean and edit the image to create a more polished look. I wanted to incorporate the paint strokes you would find in Sabine’s illustrations so I used the brush tool to create this. I experimented with various brush modes to create the desired effect. Lastly, I changed the background colour to a light, peach colour similar to Sabine’s work.

I am extremely pleased with the final outcome of my illustration. I felt after researching 3 different illustrators, I have learnt different techniques and I am able to create my own illustrations with this knowledge.