Technical Difficulties

During this assignment, I met various technical difficulties when using various media. Firstly, when I was using Pro markers for the first time for this assignment, one of the markers were leaking and when I went to use it on my illustration, the colour spread very fast onto places I didn’t want it to be. This resulted in the illustration not being used. On the same illustration, the skin tone was also too dark which I was not satisfied about. In the future, I could improve by testing the Pro markers on blank page first before using it on my final piece of work.

Another difficulty I had during this assignment was the use of water colours in my illustrations. For the very first illustration, I was using water colours and I had added too much water to the paint brush. This pierced a hole through my page as the it became too damp. In the future, I could improve by ensuring the paint brush is not too damp and use a paper towel to dry the paint brush as I go along.